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Primary elections are in full swing today in Wisconsin for the nine recall elections. Nine Wisconsin senators face a recall election in August, six Republicans and three Democrats. Through the efforts of labor unions, the Republican senators are facing recall for supporting Gov. Scott Walker's draconian budget that slashed public services and attacked public employee labor rights, something neither they nor Scott Walker mentioned during the fall campaign. Republicans engineered recalls against the Democratic senators for standing up to Walker by blocking quorum on his budget when they left the state. Today's elections are primary elections to select the candidate who will face the recalled senator in the general recall election in August. Normally, a recall primary is a humdrum affair, if there's even a more than one candidate in the primary. But Wisconsin Republicans are going all out by installing and supporting Republican candidates in the Democratic primary recall elections. You see, in Wisconsin, primaries are open to voters of both parties, so a Republican can take a Democratic ballot on primary election day and vote for a fake Democrat, as long as the fake Democrat is on that Democratic ballot. Even if the fake Democrat is a longtime Republican, like John Buckstaff, the 81 year old Republican who is running in the Democratic recall primary to win the right to face off against Republican Randy Hopper in August. In the last cycle, Buckstaff gave $575 to Hopper, and today Buckstaff is asking voters to vote for him to represent the Democratic Party against Hopper whenever the recall election takes place in August. If you live in Wisconsin in one of these districts, make sure you get out to vote today. Every vote counts!

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