"I understood from a very young age how fragile the middle class was."

We have a super awesome team here at Rebuild the Dream. Our Organizer Director, Caroline Murray, is one of the coolest, most bad-ass, most down-to-earth women (and organizers) I've ever met. The Democracy Collaborative did an awesome interview with her. It's inspiring and definitely worth reading... her work with housing co-ops in Massachusetts is amazing. Some excerpts:
"I grew up knowing that something was very, very wrong with how our economy worked. I understood from a very young age how fragile the middle class was."
On her work with the Alliance to Develop Power in Massachusetts:
"ADP was a project of the NLIHC and part of a national campaign to win new federal legislation that would stop these landlords from profiting off the backs of low and moderate income tenants and the tax payer while at the same time create new financing mechanisms to keep the housing permanently affordable. While most of our allies around the country went on to find non-profit housing developers to purchase the apartment complexes -- we latched upon a novel idea that was actually being touted by Jack Kemp, Secretary of HUD – why not buy them ourselves as membership-based, democratically governed corporations? Here was an opportunity to convert ownership of the housing to the people who lived there and develop long-lasting leadership. We could keep it permanently affordable for generations to come. We could stop capital flight by controlling the money that flows in and out. And we could alter the relations of power between landlord and tenant."
By the way -- ever get an email from us and wonder who "...and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team" is? Here we are!

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