How you can See America


When’s the last time you’ve truly seen America?

Almost a century after the U.S. government first commissioned posters showcasing the country’s national parks, our friends at the Creative Action Network (CAN) have re-imagined the See America campaign for the digital era.

You may remember CAN from last year's powerful Gun Show Gallery, a crowd-sourced online art gallery in which Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund was a partner.

The new See America is another crowd-sourced art campaign, which enlists artists from all 50 states to create a collection of artwork that celebrates the natural wonders of this country. The posters highlight natural, cultural and historical sites across the country, depicting our rich history and most importantly, encouraging individuals to reconnect with these often forgotten places and rediscover their power and resilience.

CAN has also teamed up with the National Parks Conservation Association to ensure that the National Park Service is safeguarded and supported for generations to come. 

What can you do?

  • LOOK – Check out the full See America art collection here. Tell us which are your favorites!
  • SHARE – Become part of the #SeeAmerica campaign and spread the word via Twitter or Facebook.
  • CREATE – Bring your favorite landmark to life and create your own masterpiece. Get more info here.
  • SUPPORT – Purchase See America posters and merchandise and support the artists that created them.
  • VISIT – This month, CAN will be exhibiting See America at galleries in New York and San Francisco. Get details here.


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