Hang out in Hawaii with Rebuild the Dream

Rebuild the Dream is excited to be livestreaming the Revival event we're having today in Hawaii. Van's giving an important speech tonight, and we're inviting you not only to watch, but also to participate online. We're hosting our first Rebuild the Dream Revival event in the Hawaii State House. It's going to be government by the people in action, and it's the start of something big. This Spring and Summer, we're going to witness the 99%'s act two -- when we as a movement go from protesting problems to directly creating and winning the solutions that will transform this economy. Van Jones will kick this next phase into gear at the Revival Tuesday night. During his speech, he'll open it up to community leaders like you, in person and online, to react and come up with a plan for action to create a new economy. We want you to be a part of this. You can join online, using your computer in the comfort of your home. RSVP now to watch Van's speech online and join in the discussion, Tuesday night at 9pm PST / 10pm MST. The Revival will be an expression of our values and the world as it should be. And the world we are creating includes art and culture and politics of the people! We'll also have concrete, progressive goals to accomplish. In Hawaii, we'll be pushing for the passage of the Hawaii Partnership Bank, which would create the second state bank in the country as well as over 2,840 small business and farm jobs. That's just one of many solutions that will create a more just, sustainable economy for Hawaii. And it's what we plan to do at Revivals across the country, as we begin the next chapter for the 99% movement by translating energy into power, and anger into answers. RSVP now and join us on Tuesday night for Van's speech. (Note that you'll need a computer with a good Internet connection.) Over the past year, we've sent a clear message: we won't accept an economy built by and for the 1%. Now it's time to show that we can govern ourselves and have a direct hand in building the economy that will work for all of us.

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