Fox News calls kids in Contract for the American Dream video 'dorks' and 'bastards'

No matter what your political persuasion, I think we can all agree that while ideas should be fair game for debate, kids should be off limits for ridicule. I had to take exception with Fox News' attack on the children who appeared in our Contract for the Dream video release. The children were in the video for a very simple reason - the ideas in the Contract are so simple, so widespread that even kids could understand them. And if kids could understand them and put them into a clear understandable package, maybe Congress could finally get the message. But the folks at Fox News aren't just too blinded by ideology to understand the message. Like a gang of bullies, they resorted to attacking the children in the video. In a segment on last night's Red Eye, panelist KT McFarland, a regular contributor on several Fox News programs, called the kids "a bunch of dorks." Another regular panelist, Joe DeVito, said that "the little bastards are making me so angry!" It's typical tone-deafness for Fox News to resort to having adults mock children at a time when the rest of society understands the consequences of bullying. And on Fox and Friends yesterday morning, Media Matters noticed the hosts ridiculed the children as mindlessly parrots and said that they should be learning to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or memorizing parts of the Constitution instead. If a child can understand parts of the Constitution, they can understand simple concepts like making sure the rich pay their fair share. The children who appeared in the video and their parents were given copies of the Contract of the American Dream to read through before they were allowed to participate in filming the video so that they could understand the entire project and its goals. Of course, Fox News would never, ever use children to promote a political message, would they? And Fox & Friends host wouldn't dream of trying to indoctrinate children with a Tea Party coloring book. I will give Fox News credit for one thing - even knowing their schtick over the last dozen years, they still managed to surprise me. I knew they would attack a progressive agenda to create jobs and make the rich pay their fair share, but I thought they'd stick to the tried and true epithets, not slur children.

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