Florida Governor Rick Scott gets a pink slip

Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) revived an old gimmick that previous Florida governor Bob Graham became famous for, working the job of an ordinary Floridian for a day. It's not hard to imagine why his handlers would try this gimmick out - Florida's economy remains in the tank, Scott's actions have worsened the crisis with massive layoffs, and accordingly his poll numbers consistently show him with only slightly better numbers than a supervillain. But Scott's first try at his new job didn't go any better than his job in the Governor's Mansion. At Nicola's Donuts, where Scott stood behind the counter filling bags with donut orders, the Pink Slip Rick campaign showed up and gave him, well, a pink slip for his horrible record on job creation and privatization during his first six months in office. Watch the mother calmly and forcefully rip into Scott midway through the video: Mother: "You should be ashamed that I have to go out and buy things for my daughter's classroom because of a shortage of funds." Scott: (pause) "Thanks for coming."

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