August 19, 2013
Contact: Lana N.

Email - Out with Student Debt

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What would you do if you no longer had any student debt? Imagine the possibilities for your future – starting a new business, buying a new home or car, or finally moving out of your parents’ house!

Together with and groups like and Rock the Vote, we’re sounding the alarm on the trillion-dollar student debt crisis to raise public awareness and get Washington to pay attention!

Will you share your student debt story?

We aim to put as many of these real human faces at the forefront of this campaign, so we can shed the stigma of shame that comes along with carrying this debt burden and force Washington to address our broken lending system.  So, we’re asking students and graduates to come out and share your student debt stories.

  • Tell us in a 1-2 minute video what the amount of your debt is and how your life would be different if you didn’t have this burden.
  • Post your video on YouTube and include hashtag #OUTWITHSTUDENTDEBT in the title.

Don’t be shy – come out with your student debt!

Last week, President Obama signed the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act, which lowers short-term interest rates, BUT these measures are only a temporary band-aid and do little to help the 37 million current borrowers who struggle to pay back the $1.2 trillion amassed in student debt so far.

The more of us that come out and share our student debt stories, the better our chances of turning the dial and creating the catalyst for real concrete change!

Not sure how where to start? Check out some of our favorite video submissions here.

Hurry, the deadline to submit your video is August 26, 2013. And, don’t forget to include hashtag #OUTWITHSTUDENTDEBT in the title of your video.


The Rebuild the Dream Team

P.S. Debt free?

Lucky you! Please help spread the word to your debt-saddled friends, neighbors, and children and forward this message to them or share using the buttons below.

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