Elected officials have begun endorsing the Contract

About 300,000 people have signed onto the Contract for the American Dream so far, and we've heard kind words from many elected officials about the tenets expressed in the Contract. but so far, no elected representatives have actually signed onto it. Until now. Stepping forward from the progressive bastion of... Arizona, several state legislators, members of local school boards, and a city councilman stood in front of the state capitol building in Phoenix this week to announce their support for the Contract for the American Dream. Developed over the summer with the help of over 130,000 Americans, the Contract for the American Dream is a crowdsourced alternative proposal to guide our country out of a period of austerity, war and divisiveness into a shared future of prosperity and peace. Among those signing onto the Contract is Ruben Gallego, a Democrat representing the city of Phoenix. Gallego is a first-generation American. He specifically counts a good public school education as the main reason that he managed to climb out of the poverty of his childhood. Gallego also knows the importance of giving back. After graduating, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served one tour of duty in Iraq in one of the hardest hit companies in the Corps. As Gallego put it, "The American dream is for any American, no matter where they start in life, to be able to accomplish their full goals. Everyone should have that opportunity." (The emphasis is mine.) Rep. Gallego makes a really good point. The American Dream isn't about having a house you can feature on MTV Cribs. It's about all Americans having access to opportunity no matter where you start in life. Rep. Gallego started out as the poor child of Mexican immigrants, and he’s living the Dream right now because he had access to a strong public education as a child, access that is slipping away for many in the current generation. And that's why officials present signed both English and Spanish versions of the Contract. including communities of color. The representatives endorsing the Contract wanted to make clear as day that that America’s original promise will be open to all All in all, eight elected officials signed the Contract yesterday, House Minority Whip Anna Tovar, State Rep. Ruben Gallego, State Rep. Katie Hobbs, State Senator Steve Gallardo, School Board Member Adam Lopez Falk, School Board Member Martin Quezada, and Tolleson City Councilman Diego Espinoza. This is only the first instance of elected representatives signing the Contract, but it won't be the last, especially with your help. Will you write your representatives, both local, state and federal, and ask them to endorse the Contract? And if you haven't signed it yet yourself, there's a spot for you right here.

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