Dream Big? #YesWeCode


Rebuild The Dream Innovation Fund has always strived to find positive economic solutions for everyone. You have been an integral part of this journey toward reclaiming the American Dream and we need you now for our two new initiatives:  #YesWeCode and #Cut50.

Today, nothing scares me more than the future of our low-opportunity youth. The statistics are bleak – a young black male in this country is more likely to end up in jail than in the world of computer programming. While politicians are busy legislating the return of outsourced jobs and our friends and allies are fighting for higher wages, Rebuild The Dream Innovation Fund is focused on building a better future for low-opportunity kids. 

Our solution is simple: train our youth for the jobs that are coming, not just the jobs that have passed.  It is a new vision for America and we need your support to make this happen.

First, we’re flipping the script on tech stereotypes by launching #YesWeCode, an initiative to support the growing movement to train 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become the best computer programmers in the world. Why? America's economic future will rely on creativity, connectivity and computing skills.

We're working with existing organizations like Hidden Genius Project and Black Girls Code to amplify their reach and expand the work they do to a nationwide level.

I can imagine a situation, out of this initiative, in which the world gets a 100,000 Mark Zuckerbergs, or 250,000 Mark Zuckerbergs, or even a million Mark Zuckerbergs - but a whole lot of them would look like Trayvon Martin.  


But that’s not all that we have in store for next year. Our team will also tackle mass incarceration with our #Cut50 initiative that addresses the 2.2 million people behind bars in America.

#Cut50 aims to cut the number of incarcerations in the U.S. by half. Yes, half!

Rebuild The Dream Innovation Fund is in discussion with some surprising, totally unexpected new partners who could move to reduce the prison population nationwide. We'll keep you posted as this exciting initiative develops. 

We know we can reach these goals -- after all, we’ve overcome pretty big challenges before (What Tea Party? DeMarco who?). We’ve come up with smart, bold solutions fueled by strategic partnerships to address big, national problems that don’t get enough attention from the media or politicians. And our small staff and dozens of like-minded partners have proven to be both nimble and far reaching.

We have less than 24 hours to make this end-of-year deadline, and we really need your help to kick off these new initiatives in a big way to hit the ground running in January.

If we can raise $50,000 by midnight tonight we'll be able to start strong in 2014 -- jumpstarting these game-changing, life-changing projects from day one so we can foster deep roots for the entire year. Can you help?

Make your 100% tax-deductible donation here.

How big we go in 2014 depends on all of you.

Thank you for everything,
Van and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund Team

P.S. You are all invited to join us in New Orleans for the 20th Anniversary Essence Festival and #YesWeCode launch with Prince! We also have something great in the works for the 40th Anniversary of FREEDOM SUMMER with our tech savvy youth for the festival! We'll send more details soon.