Don't Kill the Dream, Eric Cantor

As we discussed previously, our friends at Democracy for America started running ads nationally this week, demanding that Congress stop focusing on cuts to programs that protect and expand the middle class. This week, they are taking the fight directly to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Why did DFA choose Rep. Cantor (R-VA)? DFA's one million members narrowly voted to direct the ads toward Cantor, putting the ad in his Virginia district over fellow congressmen like John Boehner. The choice of Cantor likely had a lot to do with his threats to withhold earthquake and hurricane relief funds unless equivalent cuts were made elsewhere in the budget. DFA is also holding district events to make sure Congress gets the message to focus on jobs instead of tax breaks for the wealthy when they return to Washington after their break. They've scheduled over 100 so far. UPDATE: is also running a TV ad on Cantor's intransigence on federal aid for hurricane victims:

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