"Credit Unions Extending Hours, Offering Promotions on Bank Transfer Day"

Credit unions across the country are hopping on board with Bank Transfer Day on November 5th. NerdWallet compiled a list of credit unions by state who are extending hours or offering some kind of promotion this Saturday to support us as we MOVE OUR MONEY. Check it out: [caption id="attachment_2674" align="center" width="505" caption="Photo courtesy of NerdWallet"]Credit unions hop on board with Bank Transfer Day[/caption]

Bank Transfer Day falls on a Saturday, as critics have been quick to point out. As it turns out, that probably won’t prevent frustrated customers from joining their local credit unions. In fact, many credit unions are rolling out the welcome mat on November 5th, even if they’re not normally open on Saturdays. And, in addition to extended hours, many credit unions are offering special promotions too, just to say thank you. We’ve scoured the Web to bring you some of the best Bank Transfer Day promotions out there, organized alphabetically by state...

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