Come Out With Your Student Debt


Feeling Angry?



However you are feeling about your student debt, you are not alone. Millions of students and graduates are experiencing the inescapable burden of repaying their debt, but their stories are not being told.

We’ve partnered with and a powerful coalition of organizations to help unleash these personal stories. We believe the more of us that “come out” and share our student debt stories, the better our chances of turning the dial and creating the catalyst for real, concrete change.

Come out and be heard:

1. Record a 1-2 minute video of yourself and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Amount of your student debt
  • What you COULD do with all that extra money if you were debt free

2. Upload your video to YouTube and include hashtag #OutWithStudentDebt in the TITLE of your video

See sample scripts or check out a sample video.

Share this message with anyone who is saddled with debt and has a story to tell. 


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