Chip Cravaack, facing angry protestors, finally agrees to town hall

Minnesota Rep. Chip Cravaack (R- Duluth) has dodged angry protestors for quite a while now. They've been demanding that he and others in Congress focus on a jobs agenda rather than tax cuts for the rich for weeks now, but Cravaack has thus far refused to meet with constituents to hear what they had to see. Locals have held protests at his district offices and at a Boehner-headlined fundraiser earlier this month in hopes that they could speak to him, but he's either been away from the office or slid in through a side entrance to the fundraiser. Either way, he's avoided direct contact. Until today. Cravaack was met with a loud and angry crowd outside a speaking engagement in Duluth demanding a town hall to address the jobs crisis. Faced with multiple news crews filming him while he fumbled for a response, Cravaack finally assented to a town hall tomorrow at the Duluth airport at 4pm.

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