Bumper Sticker Crowdsourcing Project

We're a big fan of crowdsourcing around here. We believe that the collective experience and imagination of thousands of you can be brought to bear to create something truly unique and interesting. We've already seen that in evidence with our Contract for the American Dream, where hundreds of thousands of Americans outlined a powerful, positive agenda to grow the American economy and protect the middle class (more on that very soon as we sort through the feedback from the July house meetings.) In addition to the upcoming unveiling of the Contract for the American Dream, we're also going to be rolling out all sorts of merchandise with which you can display your support loudly and proudly, We want to ask for YOUR help in coming up with some great slogans for our bumper stickers. What logo or slogan you think would best inspire people to help rebuild the American Dream? Remember, these need to be concise enough so that people can read them driving behind you on the highway, and catchy enough so that they'll remember them when they get home. Here's some examples to get you started: What do you think?

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