You Did It! You Told Congress, 'Don't Double My Rate' and They Listened

How did one movement save students billions of dollars? Find out with the Storify outlining the history of the 'Don't Double My Rate' campaign.[View the story "You Did It! You Told Congress, \"Don't Double My Rate,\" and They Listened" on Storify]

You Did It! You Told Congress, "Don't Double My Rate," and They Listened

How did one movement save students millions of dollars?

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Starting in February, Rebuild the Dream, along with US PIRG, US Student Association, and Campus Progress, collected over 130,000 letters to Congress to stop the rates on Stafford loans from doubling. 
Delivering letters today from @RebuildDream @campusprogress @USStudents & @uspirg. Don't double Stafford intrst rate! Katchpole
About to deliver letters from @uspirg @campusprogress @USStudents and @RebuildDream! Don't double interest rates! Katchpole
Students lobby to keep interest rates lowerCNN's Schools of Thought blog covers education from a variety of perspectives that include policies, practices and people. From pre-kinde...
In April, Representative Virginia Foxx, the Chairwoman of the Education and Workforce Committee, made outrageous statements that she had "very little tolerance" for students with education loans. 

Over 112,000 Rebuild the Dream members acted quickly to put her statements in check.
Virginia Foxx, I can't believe you said that.Sometimes elected officials make totally crazy, off the wall statements and nothing happens. And sometimes they make totally crazy, off t...
Could @virginiafoxx be any more out of touch? Click here to find out why she's not fit for the @EdWorkforce Committee Katchpole
I wish I lived in @virginiafoxx 's fantasy land, where it's still possible to earn a college degree without taking on student debt.James Avery
After months of work, the President of the United States joined the campaign to  prevent federal Stafford loan rates from doubling, making appearances at universities across the country and even on the Jimmy Fallon Show.
President Obama Calls on Students to Tell Congress: #DontDoubleMyRatewhitehouse
We Said Don't Double. President Obama Says #DontDoubleMyRateFor months, groups like Rebuild the Dream, US PIRG, Campus Progress and the US Student Association have been campaigning, delivering peti...
Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallonlatenight
On May 8th, Republicans in the Senate voted against a bill preventing Stafford rates from doubling to save a corporate tax loophole. 

Rebuild the Dream members responded by doubling their efforts.
Did your Senator stand with students today on #DontDoubleMyRate? (Hint: If they're Republican, probably not.)Rebuild the Dream
[email protected] explains how Republicans blocked the bill to stop interest rates from doubling #DontDoubleMyRateRebuild the Dream
Rebuild the Dream collected over 1,000 student debt stories and directed members to make 16,000 phone calls and write 3,200 letters to local papers.
Student Debt Across the United States | MapBoxRebuild the Dream asked thousands of people across the United States to share their experiences with student debt. Here are their stories.
Thanks, Rebuild the Dream members! Together we made 16,000 phone calls to say #DontDoubleMyRate. the Dream
'Don't Double My Rate' Is In Your Local PaperLast week, Patrick, a Rebuild the Dream member from St. Louis, got his letter to the editor published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Usi...
In May, Molly Katchpole delivered over 43,000 signatures petitioning Sallie Mae to adopt fair lending practices to CEO Albert Lord at the Sallie Mae Shareholder's meeting.
Why Sallie Mae Should Take Google's Advice: Don't Be EvilSallie Mae is the country's largest provider of private student loans - and despite their innocuous name, they're guilty of some pretty a...
43,000 signatures from @RebuildDream members ready to go to @sallie___mae by @mollykatchpole & shareholder proxies. Livoti-Morales
Reporting back on our @RebuildDream petition delivery, @mollykatchpole says that Albert Lord refused to take them! Livoti-Morales
Rebuild the Dream shared infographics, videos, and stories to convey the importance of the Don't Double vote in the student debt fight. 

Over 1,000 members also crowd-funded an ad in Politico on the week of the final vote.
Today, we sent Washington a message with an ad ...Facebook
The Next Economic Crisis: Student Debtrebuildthedream
Watch this video and tell your senators: #DontDoubleMyRate! the Dream
INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Things You Should Know About Student Debt #DontDoubleMyRate the Dream
On June 29, a day before the deadline for the Stafford loan increases, Congress voted to stop rates from doubling.
The house just voted to stop student loan interest rates from doubling. Senate next! #dontdoublemyrateStudentPIRGs
BREAKING: Congress has just passed a bill to stop interest rates from doubling for 7.2 million students. #DontdoublemyrateRebuild the Dream
Wahooo! We Did It!We just saved Americans $22 billion. I'll say it again - it's still sinking in for me! - our movement just saved Americans $22 billion. T...
Van Jones: "When We Fight, We Win"rebuildthedream

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