Why I'm excited for spring 2012

Are you excited for the spring? You definitely should be: warm weather, blooming flowers, ice cream stands opening... and activism! Check out the email we sent this morning:
The 99% Spring is starting on Monday. Will you be a part of it?The 99% movement is about to have its second act. We're gonna prove that we meant it and we're not going away. This Spring, the 99% will take on corporate power, Wall Street greed, and the political corruption of the 1%.But first, we prepare -- in a big way. There will be a truly unprecedented series of trainings throughout the country, where 100,000 Americans will get ready for this next phase. The trainings will happen in homes, on campuses, in places of worship, and in public spaces. There are already over 900 trainings scheduled all over the country. And they start Monday.Find the training closest to you and be a part of the 99% Spring.In the minds of Wall Street banks, tax-dodging corporations, and paid-and-bought politicians, the 99% movement was a one-shot deal. A passing fad. A flash in the pan. They thought that once things settled down, they could go back to business as usual, continuing to destabilize our economy, enrich the 1%, and rob the rest of us of our economic future.They're really not going to like the 99% Spring.The trainings are happening throughout the week of April 9-15. Depending on where you live, a training may be as large as 100 folks in a community center or as small as 10 folks in a living room. Every training will focus on three things:
  • The Economy: How we got here, who's responsible, and how we fix it.
  • Non-Violent Direct Action: From Gandhi to the Civil Rights Movement to Occupy, we've learned valuable lessons culled over decades of peaceful direct action, and we'll put them to use in our movement for change.
  • Action: We'll plan campaigns to win change locally and nationally.
We were all inspired by the protesters of the Arab Spring who stood up to totalitarian governments, and inspired by the Occupy movement here in America. We were inspired by the students at UC Davis who took pepper spray in the face and didn't budge, because they knew their cause was more important than retaliation.We now have the opportunity to turn that inspiration into action. Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund is joining with dozens of leading organizations, all collaborating on this massive grassroots training project. Together, we're turning the page on a new chapter of American activism, and it starts with the 99% Spring.Find a 99% Spring training near you and be a part of this moment.Thanks,Caroline and the team at Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund

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