What do you think of the deal?

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Now that there's been a little bit of time to digest what President Obama and Congressional leaders have agreed to, ending the standoff over the debt ceiling, what do you think of it?Ezra Klein at the Washington Post has an overview of the deal and a breakdown of the winners and losers in the agreement, if you need a little more information about what the deal actually does.UPDATE: I've added more articles in favor and against the deal below:-Here's a detailed rundown from The Huffington Post on what exactly is in the deal.-New York Times columnist Paul Krugman calls the deal a "catastrophe on multiple levels."-The White House, on the other hand, calls it "A Win for the Economy and Budget Discipline."-Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich argues "the radical right has now won a huge tactical and strategic victory."-The New Republic's Jonathan Chait says we won't know who won this debate "until after the fight over the Bush tax cuts has been settled."

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