We Asked, You Answered: What does Rebuilding the Dream Mean To You

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's contest for an autographed copy of Van Jones' new book, Rebuild the Dream.We asked all of you to submit what rebuilding the American Dream meant to you and dozens responded. Congratulations and thank you everyone for your thoughtful submissions. 
Rebuilding the dream means trusting all of our elected representatives to do what's best for the people and not what's best for themselves. When this happens the cynicism that most people regard politics with will melt away. Our representatives won't be seen as kingmakers and royalty but as the best friend of everyone they represent. People will know who their representatives are and if any representative forgets that they're a public servant the voters will recognize that and get them out of there.My dream begins with our system of governance but it doesn't end there. In my version of the American Dream the respected professions are those that help many people such as teachers or farmers rather than lawyers or race car drivers. The media will deliver what is important as opposed to what is entertaining or attention grabbing.

— Jay W. on Facebook

Rebuilding the Dream means having the vision and fortitude to build a sustainable economy and future that fully embraces and integrates American ingenuity and vast talents. It will require ensuring our children have access to an education system that prepares them for a globally connected world with the necessary critical thinking skills. It will require Us to step up to what should be our leadership role in green energy!! Economy, Energy, Environment, Education!

— Jenny T. on Facebook

When I served in the U.S. Navy, I didn't think I was serving 1% of the people. Rebuilding the Dream means that my service, and the service of millions of ordinary Americans was for ALL Americans.

— Chuck N. on Facebook

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