We Are Wisconsin has cold reception for Tea Party visitors

In the last days before the final Wisconsin recall elections, Tea Party groups have brought in buses to support Republican senators facing recall. It's ironic, because conservatives have long blamed the stiffening resistance to Gov. Walker's union-busting austerity agenda on "outside agitators" bused in from out of state. Now Republicans are dependent on their own "outside agitators" riding in from out of state to give them a spark in their lagging campaigns.On Friday, the Tea Party Express, whose chair hails all the way from Georgia, rolled in to a rally to support Republican incumbent Sheila Harsdorf. They were met by shouts of "Go Home" from We Are Wisconsin, a local coalition of workers, educators, health care workers, and people concerned with the rightwing takeover of Wisconsin's state government. There was only a token showing of protesters, as many from We Are Wisconsin were already out working hard on turning out the vote in the recall elections. But protesters still nearly outnumbered the Tea Party supporters who had hoped to rally media attention and support from the community. KTSP had video coverage of the event:

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