Walker Speech Drowned out by Jeers

On the date of the Wisconsin recall primary elections, where six Democratic candidates easily won over their Walker-supporting fake Democratic rivals, Gov. Scott Walker gave a speech at Gateway Technical College during their centennial celebration.But Walker met with an angry response from the assembled students, teachers, and graduates of the college. Over half the attendees jeered at Walker, drowning out his speech. Others turned their backs or simply walked away as he spoke.It took a considerable amount of gall for Walker to give a speech commemorating the one hundred year anniversary of the oldest technical college in the country. Walker's budget slashed state funding for technical schools all around the state, and he pushed through radical measures to cut the legs out from teachers and instructors.

"It's insulting to all of the students, staff and businesses who depend on technical colleges to have someone who just slashed our funding by 30 percent," said Michael Rosen, a state board member with the Wisconsin Technical College System."He can't be seriously attending this celebration," he said.

Less than four months from today, United Wisconsin will begin circulating petitions to initiate a recall of Gov. Walker.

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