Verizon has run into a few problems since its Tea Party-esque negotiation strategy ("Give me what I want or I'm taking the ball home") forced 45,000 workers into a strike. First, they've rushed poorly trained people into performing dangerous work, resulting in situations like this, where a manager trying to do a worker's job ends up blowing a transformer.Verizon has also tried a few different methods of making its case to Americans that it's on the right side of negotiations with unions. Trying its hand at new media with a Facebook page called VerizonLaborFacts, Verizon found itself swarmed with customers angry that the company refused to stand by workers who had built the company and with workers upset at the hardline Verizon has taken in the negotiation.

On the old media front, Verizon took out a bizarre series of ads that seemed to actually take the workers' side, including this one:

The strike is now in its second week, but the striking workers, represented by CWA and IBEW, show no signs of backing down.

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