UPDATE: Jobs Not Cuts Actions Everywhere!

A big thanks to all of those out on the streets demanding “Jobs Not Cuts” as part of our national Week of Action (Oct 10-16). Reports are starting to come in from across the country. Check it out:Phoenix, AZ: On Monday, residents of Phoenix organized a Stand for the Dream vigil in support of the Jobs bill. The event was covered by FOX and Univision among other media sources, and we were especially excited to see materials handed out in Spanish.Centre County, PA: Located in the Penn State town, 75 people joined together for a successful rally engaging town residents and students alike. Reporters from the Daily Collegian and a couple student radio stations covered the event. They'll be holding a meeting to plan for next steps this coming Sunday.

Longmont, CO: Another successful event hit Longmont, Colorado. A crowd of 76 people gathered - "Enthusiasm, honking and waving, music, drums, mandolin, dancing, cowbell and electric guitar Jimi Hendrix style... You name it we had it," reported back one attendee. The event made the front page of their local paper as well as Denver's channel 4 news.

Springfield, MA: In Springfield, residents stood in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street with a demonstration targeted at Senator John Kerry (D-MA). "We're hearing too many stories of people who are losing their jobs, losing their houses while the top 1 percent of America has all the wealth, corporations have all the wealth," said protestor Denise Conboy. Conboy introduced the Contract for the American Dream to the press amidst shouts of "We Are the 99%!"

Burr Ridge, IL: Protestors in Burr Ridge visited the office of Rep. Judy Biggert and encouraged her to support the jobs bill. Protesters also requested that Biggert support higher taxes for millionaires. "As a millionaire [herself,] we would like her to take a stand for a little bit higher taxes, and we can use that money for jobs and to repair roads," said protestor Siobhan Higgins Burke.

Albuquerque, NM:  In Albuquerque they took their rally to the banks. As many as 100 people demonstrated outside the downtown branches of Bank of America and Wells Fargo to the sound of cheering from nearby businesses and passersby.

Columbus, OH: Protestors calling for passage of the jobs bill made the local conservative newspaper in Columbus - a huge success. Around 80 people marched downtown where they were joined by members of Occupy Columbus, We Are Ohio, and Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy. The group also sent around 30-40 letters to Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), calling on him to pass Obama's jobs bill.

These are only a handful of the many events you organized this week - stay tuned for another report on the action.

Have you attended or organized an event? Send us your stories!

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