"This is what Democracy floats like!"

Despite Gov. Scott Walker's attacks on state government, he's quite content to use the lavish mansion and accompanying estate granted to the governor's office for his own ends, including hosting a garden party of over 1,000 Republicans on its lakeside lawn. But Walker has found out that using the governor's estate for his own draconian and unpopular agenda has its drawbacks. As it were, the edge of the governer's estate grounds are accessible to the public by boat, right where the party was scheduled to take place. A flotilla sporting "Recall Walker" signs and chanting "Union Busting? That's disgusting!" floated just offshore during the party, spoiling the fun at the fundraiser. The protesting boaters themselves had so much fun that they plan to make it a regular occurrence. As for Walker, it's unlikely he'll hold any more parties on the lake shore while he remains in office.

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