The most important thing you'll watch this week.

Hey all -- in continuing with our work to engage artists and tell stories, we wanted to share a film that's currently in the works, "American Winter." Here's an email we sent out:

You know something amazing when you see it, and there's a video that I think you should see. This is real. It's about what's actually happening in America. Please watch and share this.

Emmy award-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz are releasing a documentary called "American Winter: A Documentary About a Country In Search of Its Promise." The film focuses on the personal stories of families in Portland, OR who are feeling the immensely crushing weight of the 2008 economic collapse. Many of these families never thought they'd be in the dire situation in which they find themselves.

This video is especially poignant this week, during the Republican National Convention. You know they'll be talking about the deficit -- all numbers -- but too often that conversation ignores the pain felt by real Americans. Your neighbors. And maybe you.We've been inspired to take film very seriously because it can move people and change how they think. The pain and frustration is proof that people are not okay in America. And if you agree that it's powerful -- chip in to help them finish the film. Once it's finished, we can hold screenings of it in cities across America.It may be the most important thing you watch all week.

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