Student Debt Affecting More People Than Ever


The state of student debt is scary.The total amount of student loan debt keeps growing, as does the average student loan balance for student loan debtors. Americans now owe more in student debt than they do in auto loans or credit cards.Despite new rules to clarify the discharge process for some disabled borrowers, student loans have the potential to follow borrowers for the rest of their lives. They are one of the rare types of loans that cannot be automatically discharged in bankruptcy.  And not all student debtors are young people. A growing number of middle-aged Americans are struggling with college debt, either from their own college days or their children's. People in their 40s owe, on average, $6,000 more in student loan debt than people under 30.It's not all bad news. Some states are taking advantage of the exploding student debt problem. If you've been looking to move to Niagara Falls or Kansas, there is a solution for you. Several cities and states are paying off student loan debt to attract qualified workers.What ideas to you have to help with our student debt problem? Share them in the comments below.

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