Stop student loan interest from doubling!

A couple weeks ago, Rebuild the Dream joined USPIRG, USSA, and Campus Progress on Valentine's Day with a message for Congress - show students some love! We gathered Valentine grams from all over the country to deliver to members of Congress, calling on them to keep Stafford loan interest from doubling in July.Almost 8 million students use subsidized Stafford loans to pay for school and make it to graduation. But interest on Stafford loans will double this July if Congress doesn't pass a plan to keep interest rates down. Without the new plan, students who borrow the maximum amount of subsidized Stafford loans could pay almost $5,000 more through the repayment of their loan._DSC0950This will be an ongoing effort for Rebuild the Dream - students cannot shoulder such a huge increase in their student loan debt, and higher education should be made more affordable, not less.This week, American Dream fellow Molly Katchpole will team up with USPIRG to deliver close to 120,000 letters to members of Congress.You can still send a letter to your members of Congress here.Join students all over the country and tell Congress: don't let Stafford loan interest double this summer, and help keep higher education available to all.

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