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March 5 is a huge day for students across the country. In New York and California, thousands of students are protesting the high cost of education. In a culmination of the rising student energy, crowds will gather at each state capital to demand that everyone pay their fair share in taxes to fund higher education and make it accessible to all. Though these actions are local, this is a national issue.Can you help spread the word? Good news -- you can easily show solidarity by tweeting, emailing, and writing a post on Facebook:


This year, California voters will consider a groundbreaking state ballot initiative. The Millionaires Tax of 2012 would raise $6 billion directly for higher education in the state. We can use this strategy nationally! Educated citizens are a public good -- our tax money should go towards making education available to all, so everyone can contribute to bettering the country.Students in California and New York are making a huge statement on March 5. But everyone can play a role in taking a stand for education to have enough funding. Spread the word about the California Millionaires Tax and the fight for higher education today (and be sure to use the hashtag #M5 on Twitter). Will you join the national discussion and draw attention to the right to education?Yes, I'll spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and email about the student marches in California and New York:


Editor's Note:  Want to show even more support? Students marching in California could use some pizza and bus money to keep them going -- click here to contribute to their pizza and bus fund.Editor's Note #2: Don't miss this great video from participating groups in California: "Rally to Defend Your Education".

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