Saving Bobby Hull's home

Occupy Minneapolis, who touched many of us with their video on foreclosure victim Monique White, are now occupying another home in coordination with today's Occupy Our Homes' day of action. This time they are working to save the home of Vietnam War veteran Bobby Hull and his extended family. Bobby is another reminder that in a country with such great wealth, every family deserves to live with dignity in decent and affordable housing.Occupy MN is occupying the house of Vietnam War veteran Bobby Hull, a victim of the foreclosure crisis.Bobby is a Vietnam War veteran. He and his family have lived in their home on Columbus Avenue since 1968, becoming a cornerstone of the neighborhood. After going in and out of surgery last year, Bobby fell behind on his housing payments. Bank of America refused to modify his loan, and now Bobby's family faces eviction in the dead of winter. They have nowhere to go. Today, Occupy Minnesota is occupying Bobby's home to protest the eviction.Watch the inspirational video below introducing us to his story:UPDATE: Our friends at Occupy Our Homes have collected several more deeply touching videos about brave homeowners who are facing devastating foreclosures. Take a look: #2 (Editor's Note): This post has so many comments, that we've updated the comment display so that the newest (instead of oldest) comments are shown on top. We also turned on "paging" so you don't have to scroll down a single, very long page. Thank you, everyone, for great discussion!

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