Saturday (Tomorrow!): Occupy Wall Street Global Day of Action

This morning, Occupy Wall Street was nearly evicted. Mayor Bloomberg decreed that the protesters would have to leave Zuccotti Park, and would only be allowed to return under conditions that would have made it impossible to remain over the longterm. Ordinarily, the multibillionaire mayor of a major American city locked together with the financial district would spell doom for protesters of any sort, no matter how righteous their cause. But at least half a million Americans signed petitions and called the Mayor's office. And, in a truly inspiring emergency action, thousands assembled at the park at 6am.

What's next?Occupy Wall Street has called for a giant day of action tomorrow (Saturday, 10/15). In the last few weeks, hundreds of Occupy sites have popped up around the country and the globe (there’s now an Occupy Wichita, for example). Last week, on October 4th, 50,000 people marched in New York City. How many will march tomorrow?It's probably no coincidence that Bloomberg tried to clear one of the central sites of the rapidly spreading occupations before the weekend. Last week, Occupy Wall Street held a massive solidarity march with up to 50,000 marching in the streets in support of the occupiers' stand against Wall Street greed. With hundreds of Occupy sites popping up around the country and the globe (there's now an Occupy Wichita, for example), Occupy Wall Street has called for a giant day of action tomorrow.If all of the 99% showed up at local Occupy solidarity events, can you imagine what a powerful signal that would send to the 1%? Isn't it easy to see why authorities would want to deflate it as soon as possible? Here's a list of events around the United States that you can attend, but keep checking back - more are being added by the hour.As Van Jones said after his visit to Occupy Wall Street, this is history in the making. If you could go back in time and sit in at segregated lunch counters in 1960, wouldn't you do it? This is part of a movement to save the middle class of America and give our democracy back to the people, not the corporations. If you haven't attended a local Occupy protest yet, October 15 is the day to begin.

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