'A Personal Sense of Relief' -- Rebuild the Dream Community Members Share Their Reactions On 'Don't Double'

Over 1,100 Rebuild the Dream members shared their student debt stories. During this process, dozens stood up and emerged as leaders in their communities for the student debt fight. They spoke with the media and congresspeople with a clear message -- we need to pass the bill to prevent Stafford loan rates from doubling. They raised their voices for everyday people, instead of everyday pundits. Now that the fight for to prevent the doubling Stafford loan rates is over, they're ready to keep the fight going for affordable education.Diana from Ohio is inspired. When asked about the recent victory on Stafford loan bill, she shared, "I feel a personal sense of relief that Congress prevented doubling interest rates on student loans, but even more, I am inspired by what a group of determined citizens can achieve."She isn't alone. Mark from Indiana said, "I am glad to hear Congress can get together on a sensible solution when pressured into reason. A salute to Rebuild the Dream for finding passion beyond fear and being a voice of common sense. Thanks for including me in it."Across the country, Americans are relieved student interest rates won't be doubling and ready to continue fighting for affordable education."The victory may not have happened without the dedication and efforts by the team at Rebuild the Dream. They allowed those directly and indirectly affected by student loan interest rate hikes to have their voices be heard by our government officials," said Alexis from Florida. She is ready to keep speaking up for affordable education for future graduates. "With interest rates remaining low, students will be able to improve our society by applying their knowledge and will also be able to financially give back to our economy. This movement is crucial in keeping the American Dream what it is."Throughout the country, Americans are ready to speak out and exercise their power. Levin believes, "We can no longer be complacent if we want to lift ourselves out of the economic calamity transpiring since 2008 and build a sustainable society where all can truly have a chance to obtain our American Dream."Martin is glad Congress reached an agreement, but doesn't believe the legislation goes far enough. "Education can improve the lives of all people, not just students. In order for our country to conquer the social ills and problems we have faced for so long, we need to make financial aid accessible for undergraduate, as well as, graduate degrees."Last week's victory on Stafford loan rates was only the beginning. Check out more stories from the student debt generation on our interactive map and sign up to join the fight to make education affordable and give young people a chance at the American Dream.

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