Milwaukee Combines Art, Music and Activism at Rebuild Wisconsin

Wisconsin is facing a turning point in their state's history on June 5th.A year after the historic protests in the state's capitol, the people of Wisconsin have collected enough signatures to hold a recall election against Governor Walker. If enough people turn out, Wisconsin can Recall Scott Walker, Refund priorities like jobs, education, and healthcare, and Rebuild the Dream. Enter Rebuild Wisconsin. Rebuild the Dream, along with SEIU, We Are Milwaukee, We are Wisconsin, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Jobs Now and the League of Pissed-Off Voters, came together to create a movement for an economy that supports 100% of Wisconsin -- not just the top 1%. Through art, music and activism, Rebuild Wisconsin brought together youth, unions, activists and local leaders for a state revival that promoted voter education just in time for the Wisconsin recall election on June 5th. Participants were encouraged to vote early and recruit friends to get out the vote.Check out some of the art and performances from Rebuild Wisconsin:[View the story "Rebuild Wisconsin" on Storify]Watch the footage from Rebuild Revivals here.Not authorized by any candidate, candidate's committee or candidate's agent. Authorized and paid for by Rebuild the Dream.

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