Really, Congress? Really?

SO. This morning we stepped it up a level (well, you stepped it up a level... we just asked you to). We sent out an email asking Rebuild the Dream members to call their senators with this simple message: "Vote to extend Senate Bill 2051: Don't double student loan interest rates!" Here's what I wrote to our members:

You know what’s frustrating?

Hearing that elected officials aren’t taking student loan debt seriously. The $650 I pay each month in Stafford and private student loans really hurts. Imagine interest rates on some of those loans doubling, as Congress is about to let happen. Where would the money come from? I certainly won’t be buying a house or starting a family any time soon.

What's an economic recovery? It's people, like me, creating businesses, spending money, and starting families. And how will we do any of this if we're saddled with a trillion dollars worth of debt?

In July, Congress is set to allow the interest rate to double if they do not vote to extend a plan put in place five years ago. A few weeks ago we delivered over 130,000 of your letters to Congress telling politicians: “Don’t double student loan interest rates!”

Help us take this fight to the next level and keep the pressure on by flooding Senate offices with calls telling them to make sure this vote is a priority. Calling senators actually makes a difference; they notice when they get a LOT of calls about an issue. It works. We’ve written up a script for you to use as well and provided phone numbers.

Click here to get your senators' numbers and the script we wrote up for you to use.

The message is clear: high interest rates and huge student loans are bad for everyone: students, co-signers, and families.

Subsidized Stafford loans are provided to almost 8 million low and moderate-income students each year. This change would affect millions of students and their families.

Thank you for helping, and be well.Molly and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

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