Pushback against Bloomberg budget builds

Bloombergville banner reads, \

For the past ten days, New Yorkers have camped out at City Hall in Manhattan at "Bloombergville" to protest Mayor Michael Bloomberg's austerity measures when other options are available. They've even drafted a Bloombergville Declaration, a clear statement of why they are protesting and what the real solutions to NYC's budget problems might be.

The Bloomberg budget would cut $400 million from essential services, laying off 6,000 teachers, closing fire companies, shutting down libraries, curtailing emergency dispatchers, senior centers, homeless shelters and so on.The Beyond May 12 Coalition has drafted a plan that would raise revenue from unpaid taxes and small levies on millionaires and billionaires who make millions trading in New York City.But now Bloomberg's budget is about to come up for a vote, so the coalition is pulling out all the stops to oppose it in favor of an alternative that does not lay off teachers or firefighters or cut essential services.First, they are holding a virtual rally on Facebook.From 2-5 pm tomorrow, they are also asking New Yorkers to tweet and Facebook their Council Members to oppose the Bloomberg Budget and to support the People's Budget. 16 Council Members have already agreed to do so.To find out what Council Members to contact and how to contact them, New Yorkers can go here: http://scr.bi/j4f4r8The coalition has also helpfully provided sample tweets:@lappin@council.nyc.gov, please support revenue options instead of cutting vital services, learn more here - http://bit.ly/ii8Tpu@Edilan@council.nyc.gov - don't balance the budget of those in need, support the People's Budget - http://bit.ly/ii8Tpu

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