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Our friends at New Bottom Line, Take Back the Land, and Occupy Wall Street, among others, are opening a new front on big Wall Street banks.We're all standing with struggling homeowners to keep their neighborhoods strong against foreclosure with an Occupy Our Homes push. We've identified about 25 actions in different cities around the country that we're encouraging people to attend. See if there's one near you!Read on after the fold for the e-mail we sent out to our e-mail list:[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Flickr photo used under a Creative Commons license from Orbmiser"][/caption] 


Can you join the Occupy Our Homes protest in your town on Tuesday? Help defend families facing foreclosure and support filling empty bank-owned homes with those in need.
I'll be there

Dear Rebuild member,The big Wall Street banks have been on a three-year-long foreclosure binge, kicking struggling families out of homes all across the country.Now the 99% is saying "No" and fighting back against the big banks in a big way.Community members nationwide are rallying to stop foreclosures, keep families in their homes, and fill vacant homes with displaced residents.And not only is it working, more and more people are taking a stand. Just last week police and movers refused to carry out a bank-ordered eviction of a 103 year-old woman from her home in Atlanta.1Now allies, including the New Bottom Line, Occupy Wall Street, Take Back the Land, and many others, are starting a national campaign to defend families threatened by foreclosure and to support filling empty bank-owned homes with people in need. It all starts this Tuesday, December 6, with a nationwide "Occupy Our Homes" day of action.There's an Occupy Our Homes protest planned in your town on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011.Can you make it?Yes, I'll be there and I'm a homeowner underwater or facing foreclosure.Yes, I'll be there to support these homeowners.In this holiday season, thousands of families are without a home even with so many empty foreclosed houses nationwide. The foreclosure crisis has gone on far too long and the 99% are paying the price while the 1% still haven't been held accountable for repairing the damage they've done to our communities.Let's help bring the energy of the 99% movement to events all over the country at banks, courthouses, and homes under threat of foreclosure. Together we can not only support families in our own communities, we can show Wall Street and the world, that our movement is only getting stronger.Will you join in on Tuesday?Yes, I'll be there and I'm a homeowner underwater or facing foreclosure.Yes, I'll be there to support these homeowners. Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement.–Natalie, Van, Billy, Jim, Ian, Somer, and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund teamSource:1. "Cops, movers refuse to foreclose on 103-year-old woman," The Raw Story, November 30, 2011http://www.moveon.org/r?r=268502&id=33518-19126076-8jj6Nhx&t=6Rebuild the Dream and MoveOn are committed to nonviolence in the long tradition of protest movements throughout our history that have brought America closer to our founding dream—liberty and justice for all. As progressives we respect all people, and will not support or endorse any violence or property destruction.

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