Occupy Oakland: General Strike

Today marks Occupy Oakland's city-wide general strike. Thousands have descended on Oakland to hold big banks accountable and represent the 99%. Plans include shutting down Oakland's port (the fifth largest shipping port in the country) as well as a number of banks, schools and businesses. Democracy Now reported on the strike:

"'What this general strike is all about is this: this is a call to working people, not only throughout the United States, but throughout the world, to retract their labor. The only time that working people can gain the attention of the bosses or the ruling class is when we withhold our labor,' says Clarence Thomas of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10. 'This is a fight-back moment.' We also speak with Boots Riley of the hip-hop group The Coup. 'This general strike puts some teeth to the slogan that 'We are the 99 percent.' It’s not only that we are the 99 percent and that they are the one percent; it’s that the one percent gets all of their wealth by exploiting the 99 percent,' Boots Riley says. 'And we want to show people that they can take it back if they want to.'"

To watch Amy Goodman's full report, click here.So far it's been reported that multiple banks, including branches of Citibank and Chase, were shut down due to protests. Thousands are marching in the streets, including labor unions like SEIU and Oakland's Teacher Union. School marchers delivered Oakland Unified with symbolic eviction notice before meeting up with the general march.We'll keep you posted on major developments.

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