OCCUPY ICONS: Icon Camp next week

Are you in the Bay Area? Next week Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund is sponsoring ICON CAMP. Join us for this exciting event:

When: Thursday October 27, 2011 6:00 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Join us for an evening Icon Camp, a collaborative design brainstorm to generate sketches for new symbols to support communication of the issues that face the Occupy movement.

Who should come:* Interested Citizens & Occupiers (knowledge of the issues not required, this is an opportunity to learn. You don't need to know how to draw. Stick figures are OK!)

* Designers (bring laptops & any art supplies that make you comfortable)* Advisors: People who know about Banks, Economics, the Occupy movement, Global Financial Systems.

Purpose: Generate sketches that can be used to build new universal symbols for concepts discussed in the Occupy movement. Our goal is to help give a visual voice to help everyone make sense of the issues, and to help support peaceful and non-violent democratic dialogues.

The Icon Camp process is one that allows for democratic and collaborative production of scalable vector graphics for the public domain. These vector graphics can be mashed up, remixed, and redesigned to convey personal messages. We work together to create the ideas, everyone can use them.

After the event, volunteer illustrators polish up the designs. Designs that are polished, comprehensible and meet certain technical requirements can be shared more broadly with the Noun Project, but all files and sketches from the Icon Camp will be available through the OccupyDesign website and on Github.

Location: The Hub

Address: 901 Mission, San Francisco

Registericoncampsfoccupy.eventbrite.com (space limited to 40 people)

Schedule: 6:00 - Arrival, mixing, eating6:30 - Kickoff - presentations on Occupy, Occupy related issues like the financial situation, symbol design7:00 - 9:15 - Icon Sketching9:15 - Group Critique and choosing which Icons can be vectorizing, volunteer vectorizer signups.10:00 Done!

Background:Chach Sikes & Karla Macedo are design organizers, an "icon swat team," who have developed a process for democratically producing new civic symbols for the public domain through our work producing the Iconathon (iconathon.org), a nationwide design collaboration initially developed through a partnership between Code for America and the Noun Project.

Karla and Chach are passionate about empowering people to express their ideas through visual language, and teach this process as a way to improve and modernize our shared visual language.

If you would like them to come facilitate an Icon Camp on a topic, please connect with them @IconCamp.

About OccupyDesignFor more information on OccupyDesign: occupydesign.org, @occupydesignBuilding a visual language for the 99%.OccupyDesign is an independent, unaffiliated, and nonpartisan grassroots initiative.


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