NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! Meet a Young Person!

I love everything that Young Invincibles does. They're so badass. Right now, my favorite YI campaign (aside from Campaign for Young America, of course) is this: Meet a Young Person! -- YI's response to the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act arguments. You can read the transcript of the oral arguments here, and just for fun, go through and count how many times they discuss hypothetical "young people" (the answer is... more than they should).So YI decided to respond -- because really... why are 61-year-old SCOTUS Justices so enamored by hypothetical young people, when there are scores of them in real life? Oh wait -- maybe because real young people aren't as conveniently dopey as the Justices would hope.They're asking young folks to submit videos telling the Justices why health care is important to them. Some of the videos are up on the site -- take a look.Here are some ways you can get involved:+ Post to Facebook: Help our Supreme Court justices learn more about young people and health care. Join the "Meet a Young Person" program. Tweet about it: Help Judge Alito/Scalia/Kennedy meet real, live young people. Join the #MeetAYoungPerson program. @YI_Care+ Record a video telling the Justices why you like healthcare and submit to [email protected] Here's my video!

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