November 17th will be unstoppable

Today, on November 15th, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD made a cowardly attempt to stomp out the spirited movement that sparked in Zuccotti Park two months ago, only to find the flame has spread too far and wide to be stifled. Hundreds have been arrested in New York City defending the birthplace of the Occupy movement, but what Bloomberg fails to understand is that the movement extends beyond the perimeters of Zuccotti Park. As the Occupy alert from last night reads, "You can't evict an idea whose time has come."The country has woken up - we will no longer tolerate a political system ruled by the interests of the 1% at the expense of the rest of us.General Strike in Oakland, CAThat's why on Thursday, November 17th, thousands of Americans in every corner of the country are pushing back against Wall Street corruption and greed in their communities. We will do all we can to assert our rights as the 99% and reclaim the American Dream.Join the 99% on November 17th as we fight for accountability, justice, and democracy. Gather with your friends, family and neighbors to highlight work that needs doing in your community - whether a crumbling school building, deteriorating bridge, or a foreclosed home - and demand an economy that works for all.This is a pivotal moment in history. Our actions have won national attention and the world is watching - let's make our message loud and clear.To find a November 17th event near you, visit

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