Make Wall Street Pay

Let's make Wall Street pay! It's time to strategize how we can most effectively work with Occupy Wall Street and the multitude of other efforts across the country. Read this email from the Dream Team to find out what you can do:Wake Up! We are the 99%

Dear Dreamers,

It's exciting. These past few weeks we've seen a real uprising at Occupy Wall Street, across the country, and around the world, as people join together to demand economic justice and an end to the system that leaves 99% of us behind.1

In this moment, we have to do our part to help create and support ambitious campaigns for change from Wall Street to Main Street. But to do that we need every community involved and on board, including San Francisco.

This is a double-leadership challenge, and we need your help. We'll continue to go all-out in support of occupations around the country. And we're also joining our American Dream movement allies to organize local Make Wall Street Pay meetings from October 23-26. We want to generate as many ideas as possible for taking the fight to the big banks.

People in San Francisco are fired up. Can you host a meeting so they can get together to decide their next action to Make Wall Street Pay?

November is going to be an essential month for this movement. With actions to stop illegal foreclosures, move our money from the big banks, and stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, we have the chance to strengthen our message to Make Wall Street Pay.

We can amplify and spread the word that if Wall Street pays their fair share we can rebuild the economy with jobs, not cuts. But we need someone to step up and organize a meeting to make sure that happens in San Francisco.

Can you organize a Make Wall Street Pay meeting to plan how to build this movement in San Francisco?

Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement.

–Natalie, Van, Billy, Jim, Ian, Somer, and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

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