Make Wall St. Pay: Inspiring meeting reports

The reports from last week's meetings are coming in, and one thing is clear - people are inspired! We're excited to be a part of this historic energy and hear your amazing ideas. Here are a few of the reports we've received:St. Louis, MO: An organizer from St. Louis sent us an exciting report from their Make Wall St. Pay meeting: "We had such an awsome meeting tonight!!! Don't know where to start!!! We had about 40 to 73 people show up, everybody came with such enthusiasm and energy. We started with a introduction go around, then went over our agenda, broke into small groups of 4-5 people to discuss ideas for our Nov. 5th day of action. ...This group of people came up with so many awesome ideas, they are diverse and so talented! ...Our Nov. 5th National Day of Action is going to be off the chain."San Juan Islands, WA: The meeting held by Whibdey Council saw a huge spike in interest. While only around 5 people attended their first meeting in September, this meeting had 45 people, most of them not even council members. They had  a great conversation about the big two bank targets - Bank of America and Chase. Since the local branches of these two banks are very close, they will hold a rally and a march starting at Chase and marching to BofA.

Huge meeting in Everett to Make Wall St. Pay
 Indianapolis, IN:  One organizer sent in a long list of highlights from the Indianapolis meeting, including: many fabulous, actionable ideas; level-headed, thoughtful discussion; OWS organizers in attendance and supportive of their actions; plans for Nov. 5th, namely holding a Foreclosure Memorial. Keep up the good work!Ft. Worth, TX: In the Fort Worth Area, they held two Make Wall Street Pay Meetings, with about half of attendees being new members.  Here's what one organizer had to say: "There was a lot of interest and passion at the meetings as we worked through the agenda - 5 new people joined our council. We were excited to have a representative from Occupy Fort Worth attend one of the meetings.  We have been looking for the best way to help that effort.  She saw our meeting posted and came to ask for our help.  ...We wanted to make sure everyone felt like their voice had been heard. ...We are still fairly small in Fort Worth (but we are growing fast!!)..."Albuquerque, NM: The Albuquerque meeting had a visit from an occupy ABQ representative, Erica. She gave them an update on the current situation at their local Occupy camp and their most immediate needs. She invited everyone to attend the General Assembly meetings to propose ideas and keep current. Their meeting came up with all kinds of brainstorming ideas on how to Make Wall St. Pay, including a rally at US Bank and teach-ins on how to transfer money to local credit unions.Members in New Mexico held a Make Wall St. Pay meetingGary, IN: The Gary meeting is joining forces with Occupy Gary at 1:00 on Nov 5 at a public park in Downtown Gary, then marching to the local JPMorgan Chase branch, about two blocks. They will protest home foreclosures in Gary and Lake County, IN.  Their next steps include lining up speakers who will speak to the social fallout caused by foreclosure. They plan on leaving some sort of memorial at the Chase branch, which is on one of Gary's busiest streets.Michiana, MI: Michiana is also allying with their local Occupy site.  Two meeting attendees spent considerable time speaking to their South Bend Occupiers, one of which is a prominent, politically savvy professor at IUSB.  He agreed to contact their local Jobs with Justice leader, as well as the Occupiers, about joining MoveOn in putting together a large Make Wall Street Pay Speak Out & Rally on the 5th.  The Occupiers have permission to use the park and plaza space, so the Michiana council will line-up musicians. One organizer commented: "I am spiritually recharged, now that I've got the IUSB Prof. on board for the next round of actions!"Palm Desert, CA: We received a great report from Palm Desert, who is allying with Occupy Coachella Valley: "Everyone introduced themselves and told us what had motivated them to participate in politics.  We heard personal 'stories of self' and discovered that we had a number of Libertarians in our midst - so we got a good start sorting out our 'OWS' commonalities (e.g. taking back our democracy).  ...The consensus was that we should recruit as many people as possible - from as many national organizations as possible and particularly the 'OCV' - to take part in the national day of MAKE THEM PAY action, November 17th."Keep up the inspiring work everyone. Did you attend a Make Wall St. Pay meeting? Send us your photos and stories!

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