Lessons in Disloyalty: Eduardo Saverin and The Facebook IPO

Ilyse Hogue, a Rebuild the Dream advisory board member, writes some great stuff for The Nation. Most recently, Hogue writes of yet another 1%'er making an effort to avoid paying their fair share:
"..It was revealed last week that Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his US citizenship... The move allows the thirty-year old Saverin to avoid paying a significant chunk of the taxes he will owe on the windfall coming his way with the impending Facebook IPO."
We believe that when millionaires do well in America, they should do right by America -- it is their patriotic duty to pay taxes. As Hogue hopes,
"Saverin's craven selfishness will help us rethink not only enforcement of our tax code, but also how we recognize and define loyalty and patriotism for all of us, immigrant and native-born, who call America home."

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