Kid responds to Fox News bullying

We noted earlier that instead of weighing the merits of the Contract for the American Dream, Fox News chose to attack the kids appearing in the video we released to announce the planks in the Contract. Guests on the Fox News program "Red Eye" called the kids "dorks" and "little bastards". The kids were in the video because the ideas in it are so common sense, so widespread that even a child could understand them. If the hosts on Fox News had a problem figuring them out, there's no reason to go after the kids.One of the girls who appeared in the video just uploaded a response of her own to YouTube.

Last week some people on FOX News attacked me and the eight other children in the video, and even called us names. Basically, they were saying that we don't have the right to speak out on issues that affect us today and issues that affect us in the future. One of the guests even called us a curse word[...]

Bullying is a huge problem for kids today. We don't need to turn on the TV and see guests on a major news network bullying us.

How about an apology to Victoria, Fox News? How about an apology from your guests, and if they can't manage to apologize for bullying kids, how about not inviting them back again?Here's the original video release:

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