"I Am Warren Buffett's Secretary"

As Warren Buffett has pointed out, his own secretary pays in a higher income tax bracket because he makes his money from investing billions, while she makes her money working at a job. The same goes for Warren Buffett's nurse, his mechanic, his groundskeepers. Virtually anyone who does any work for Buffett has to pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than he does, and he's far more able to afford it.Why is this? Over several decades, rich investors complained enough to Congress (and paid enough money to lobbyists) that they could be creating trillions in new wealth and millions of new jobs if only they had to less in taxes, and unfortunately, Congress listened. The wealthy got their way, but not before bringing about a massive recession with millions of lost jobs and stagnant wage growth, while our public infrastructure crumbled.Now it's time for Congress to listen to us. Make sure that you call Congress today to let them know that millionaires need to pay their fair share. There's no reason a millionaire should pay taxes in a lower bracket than middle class Americans.

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