Hub Ventures Is Recruiting World-Changing Startups for Spring 2012

Hub Ventures, a startup accelerator for entrepreneurs building a better world, is now taking applications for its upcoming Spring 2012 cohort.  The program is looking for startups that have potential for scale, profitability, and significant measurable impact on the world.  Entrepreneurs can apply at, and the deadline is March 5th Hub Ventures helps high caliber entrepreneurs build their world-changing startups better and faster.  The 12-week program provides startups with seed funding, mentorship, collaborative sessions with program peers, workshops on topics relevant to impact-oriented startups, and investor connections.  Hub Ventures is based at the Hub Bay Area, a purpose-driven collaborative workspace with over 1,000 members in San Francisco and Berkeley that is connected to 30 other locations through the global Hub network.  For more information, please visit at Rebuild the Dream, we're exploring a concept that we're calling "American Dream 2.0." It's important -- and necessary -- to start envisioning progressive, alternative economies based on sustainability and local power. We'd like to highlight and promote some of the bottom-up economic solutions that are already making a difference in people’s lives, and connect our community to cutting edge technologies and out-of-the-box solutions like peer-to-peer lending, micro-enterprise, community gardening, community supported agriculture, common security clubs and “collaborative consumption” models like ZipcarAirBnB, and Kiva.We're excited to help connect budding entrepreneurs with the amazing resources at Hub Ventures. 

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