"How do we put the Contract to work?"

 Over the summer, we turned to hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens to help us draft a new, people-powered agenda that would bring back jobs and opportunity to all Americans, not reserve chances to get richer to the already wealthy. Over 130,000 Americans came together to generate, rate, and discuss over 20,000 ideas. The result was a home run, the Contract for the American Dream, a ten point plan to grow and protect the middle class and ensure opportunity and stability for our country for generations to come.We were so pleased with the results from the crowdsourcing process that gave us the Contract, we decided to ask for help once more. And again, we're getting amazing results. We're asking you to figure out how to spread the word about the Contract. How do we tell more people about the Contract? How do we get it enacted into our nation's policy, plank by plank?So far, we've received nearly 3,000 ideas, each of which have been rated multiple times by visitors to our Action Ideas site. Here are a few user submitted ideas that have received extremely high ratings from folks:
  • Ask clergy to endorse the Contract and to urge their colleagues to do the same, including preaching in favor of it.
  • 50 Cities, 50 projectors. Nighttime projection on walls of all state capitols. Google "Maine Labor Temple mural projection."
  • Create a power-point version for the contract, then train volunteers to give the presentation in their local communities.
There are plenty more great ideas at the site, and naturally we have some of our own, but we'd love to see if you have a few more. It doesn't matter if your talent is in art or film, or if you prefer to think along the lines of reaching elected officials. The more ideas we can generate, the more likely we're going to be able to turn the Contract for the American Dream from lofty ideal into shining reality.We also need help sifting through the ideas to home in on the really good ones - there are so many that it would be extremely difficult for our small staff to accurately gauge all of them without your help. If you only have time to rate a few, that still helps us a great deal.Think you have a good idea to help make sure that the Contract for the American Dream becomes a guiding principle for government? Or do you know a good idea when you see one? Please share your thoughts with us!

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