Put this woman in the Senate!

Did you miss this amazing quote from progressive hero Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren knows that nobody has been successful in America without a little help from the rest of us.

Elizabeth Warren is one of the strongest champions of the progressive movement. She has consistently taken a stand for consumer rights, holding big banks accountable and creating the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.Now Warren has jumped into the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, taking on the corporate-owned Senator Scott Brown. It's only been two weeks and Warren already has a narrow lead. Progressives from MoveOn and other organizations in Massachusetts have fully endorsed Warren's candidacy, but the media and the state is watching to see if she can turn her campaign into something big - she needs grassroots support and a lot of help from small donors!Friday is a major fundraising deadline - all eyes will be on Warren to see if she can back up her campaign.Our friends at MoveOn.org set up a page to collect donations. You don't have to be in Massachusetts to help. Even $5 makes a difference.(FYI: At the time of this posting, MoveOn has made 84% of its goal to raise $300,000!)Click here to donate now.

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