Grover Norquist: Raising taxes on the middle class isn't raising taxes

Grover Norquist, the president of Americans For Tax Reform who is well-known for his radical anti-tax agenda, has made his latest nonsensical remarks, according to Think Progress. Norquist is the author of the anti-tax increase pledge that influenced much of the deficit-reduction debates earlier this year. He has vocalized that it's unacceptable for signers of the pledge to vote for any tax increase.Now, with the payroll tax cut extension under debate in Congress, Norquist has come out to say that voting not to extend the tax cut doesn't constitute a tax raise. But refusing to extend the cut will cost 160 million American families about $1000 a year. We don't see his logic...Grover Norquist

"Norquist met with Republican members today to let them know that opposing the extension of the payroll tax cut — which would provide many families an extra $1,000 a year — would not amount to supporting a tax increase, National Journal’s Billy House reported today:

That stands in contrast, however, to Norquist’s position on tax cuts for the wealthy. Norquist has repeatedly warned GOP members about voting in favor of repealing the Bush tax cuts for the rich or tax hikes on millionaires, even verbally sparring with a member of a group of millionaires advocating for higher taxes on themselves last month in Washington, D.C. And yet, when it comes to tax cuts for the middle class meant to drive economic recovery, Norquist clearly takes a different stance."

Read the full article on Think Progress.

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