Great new video from Verizon workers on strike

You really need to see this video. It's an incredibly moving and heartfelt appeal directly from the working men and women who are on strike against Verizon right now. They are ordinary people like you and me who built Verizon and helped make it one of the largest phone companies in America. By standing out in the picket lines all day in the heat, they are just trying to hang on to what they have while their bosses continue to pile up stacks of cash.To recap, Verizon has raked in billions in profits, and its executive officers have made over $250 million over the past few years. The CEO alone has made over $80 million and enjoys free health care for life as one of his perks. Despite all the money in its coffers, Verizon has taken an extremely hard line in negotiating with the union in its new contract. Their demands include cutting benefits, paid sick days, scrapping the old health care plan and replacing it with a high deductible plan with thousands of dollars in additional costs, doing away with employee pensions, and expanding the amount of jobs outsourced overseas or to low-paid temporary workers.Even though the workers' collective backs are up against the wall, they are energized and ready to keep fighting, even after six days of picketing. There are lots of ways you can help them, from signing a petition that goes to Verizon's COO to changing your Facebook and Twitter profile pics to express solidarity with the strike.

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