Fire DeMarco in the news!

On Thursday, we brought together unlikely allies to call for President Obama to replace Ed DeMarco, the Acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Check out some of the coverage in key political outlets!Politico:
On a Thursday conference call co-hosted [by] Sierra Club, United Steelworkers and the group Rebuild the Dream, DeMarco was targeted as the top impediment to mortgage and environmental reforms."One person is now standing in the way," Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream president and former White House adviser, said.
The Hill:
Beyond blocking efforts to boost the housing market, the groups contend that DeMarco is also holding back a broader recovery that could be driven by the housing relief. They contend that if homeowners are given more relief, they will be able to pump more money into the economy."This guy has got to go," said Leo Gerard, international president of the United Steelworkers. "He's bad for the economy."
Huffington Post:
"You could have the biggest stimulus program in America by getting rid of one person," Van Jones, president and co-founder of the progressive group Rebuild the Dream and former White House adviser, said Thursday. "He is single-handedly holding up tens of thousands of jobs.""This is the only issue that I can remember that Timothy Geithner and Paul Krugman both agree on," Jones added.
Also, don't miss Arianna Huffington's amazing blog post where she talks about how the Presidential candidates aren't paying attention to the housing crisis and the thousands of struggling underwater voters.

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