Facebook ads take on Freddie Mac & JP Morgan Chase

Many of you helped Rebuild the Dream to fund a new kind of campaign - Facebook ads directed at employees of Freddie Mac & JP Morgan Chase, to let them know just what kind of policies their companies support. Freddie Mac & JP Morgan Chase have been persistently trying to evict marine veteran Arturo de los Santos, his wife, and their four kids. Arturo is willing to make his payments, but Freddie Mac would rather spend thousands on expensive court proceedings than let him keep his home. Rebuild the Dream and ACCE have been supporting Arturo in waging a public campaign to save his home.So far, the ads have been seen 11,877 times! They've also been covered on Huffington Post's ProPublica , Tech President, and Mashable. Thanks to all of you who made them possible! Check out this clip from Huffington Post:

How to Win FB Friends and Influence People

"Instead of picketing outside company headquarters, an advocacy group is using Facebook ads to try to influence people whose profiles identify them as employees of Freddie Mac or JPMorgan Chase.

The anti-foreclosure ad campaign, which launches today, asks Freddie and Chase employees to talk to their CEOs about a veteran -- a former Marine -- who's facing eviction in California.

"This is not any sort of attack on the employees there," said Jim Pugh of Rebuild the Dream, which is running the ad campaign. "We're trying to let them know what's happening."

The ad that targets Freddie Mac employees features a small picture of CEO Charles Haldeman's face, and the message, "Freddie Mac did what???? Freddie Mac is evicting a former Marine who's been trying to pay his mortgage. Tell CEO Haldeman to work out a fair deal with him!" according to a copy of the ad provided by Pugh.

The JPMorgan Chase ad is similar, but with a Chase logo instead of an executive's face..."

And Tech President's interview with Rebuild the Dream CTO Jim Pugh:

Targeted Facebook Ads Latest Tool In Anti-Foreclosure Fight

"If you're a financial company you've gotten plenty of bad press, and you've developed a thick skin to some degree," Pugh told me.

The question, he said, is to find a novel approach that companies haven't already seen — something for which they haven't already developed a strategy.

"The idea of these ads is not to attack these employees," Pugh told me. "It's to inform them and say, 'Hey, look at these bad practices that the company that you're working for is engaged in.'"

By targeting the ads to people who list either company as their employer, Rebuild the Dream staffers hope to spend their advertising dollars more efficiently.

"This is kind of like setting up a protest in front of their headquarters," Pugh said. "This is a tactic that's going to be aimed at their employees there — aimed at doing so online."

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